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Phosphorus in detergent, fertilizer banned

ALBANY (AP) — A new law to improve water quality makes it illegal for stores in New York to stock fresh supplies of household dishwasher detergents that contain phosphorus.

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Complete study, then crack down

WASHINGTON, D.C. — What to do about the size of too-big-to-fail banks? Order a study. How to hold stockbrokers accountable for their dealings with clients? Another study. How to ensure the reliability of credit rating agencies? Study that, too.

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N.Y. eyes loosening regulation of Verizon

The New York State Public Service Commission is considering loosening its regulation of land-line service provided by Verizon Communications, the state’s biggest provider of wired telephone service.

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FCC sees compromise on broadband

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The head of the Federal Communications Commission thinks he has come up with a way to salvage his ambitious national broadband plans without running into legal obstacles that have threatened to derail him.

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