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Groups sue to block Trump’s order on government regulations

WASHINGTON — Organizations opposing President Donald Trump’s executive order to curb government regulations filed a federal lawsuit Wednesday seeking to block it. The president’s order was issued on Jan. 30 and required federal agencies to repeal two existing regulations for ...

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Conservatives applaud Trump’s regulation crackdown

U.S. President Donald Trump speaks before signing an executive order surrounded by small business leaders in the Oval Office of the White House US President Donald Trump at the White House, Washington DC, USA - 30 Jan 2017 Trump said he will dramatically reduce regulations overall with this executive action as it requires that for every new federal regulation implemented, two must be rescinded (Rex Features via AP Images)

The business community is excited about President Donald Trump’s executive order directing federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for every new one created, but law professor Anya Bernstein says the move ultimately could cause the government to “grind to a ...

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New York proposes regulations for virtual currency

ALBANY — New York regulators on Thursday proposed establishing rules for firms involved in receiving, transmitting and storing virtual currency, as well as retail conversions. The proposal by the Department of Financial Services would establish a so-called BitLicense. Merchants and ...

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Managers hear about employment changes

Michael A. Hausknecht, a partner in the Rochester office of Nixon Peabody LLP talks about employment law updates at the Rochester Business Alliance on Friday.

Court decisions and changes in federal and state regulations continue to change the employment landscape, making it necessary for managers to keep up to date. A few of those changes were reviewed Friday by Michael A. Hausknecht, a partner in ...

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40 AGs urge tight regs of e-cigarettes

BOSTON — Forty attorneys general sent a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Tuesday urging the agency to meet its own deadline and regulate electronic cigarettes in the same way it regulates tobacco products. The letter, co-sponsored ...

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Report tracks NY crime guns to many states

ALBANY — Most guns recovered from New York crimes last year originated in states with fewer legal restrictions, though the largest single source remains New York itself, where 1,595 were first purchased, federal data show. The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, ...

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Does your face reveal too much?

Looking into people’s faces may reveal their gender, approximate age and what they are feeling. A person’s face helps other people recognize them, but technology already exists that allows a facial image, or faceprint, to reveal much more information such ...

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Hydrofracking 101

New York state may be regulating itself out of the natural gas drilling market, according to a Buffalo environmental attorney. The basics of the “Marcellus Shale Gas Play,” and its potential environmental and economic impacts were presented Thursday to members ...

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Hospital leaders push for state regulation reform

Hospital and health system leaders from across New York State converged in Albany this week to call on legislators to protect their communities’ access to health care services and push for much needed reforms to state regulations. The event was ...

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