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The famously secluded Amish are the target of a Republican campaign to drum up Pennsylvania votes for Trump


MANHEIM, Pa. – In 2016, when more than 6 million Pennsylvanians voted in the presidential election, the state’s 20 pivotal electoral votes were decided by a margin of less than 45,000 voters. Pennsylvania is home to more than 75,000 Amish ...

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Republicans set stage for raising debt limit

WASHINGTON — Unwilling to risk spooking the markets, and leading a fractured GOP majority, House Speaker John Boehner on Tuesday stepped back from a confrontation with Democrats to let Congress vote on increasing the government’s borrowing cap without trying to ...

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Changes sought for endangered act

BILLINGS, Mont. — Republicans in Congress say a 40-year-old law meant to protect animals and plants from extinction has become bogged down by litigation and needs to be updated. A group of 13 GOP lawmakers released a report Tuesday detailing ...

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NY Republicans receive subpoenas

ALBANY — New York’s anti-corruption commission has issued subpoenas demanding information from Republicans, but the panel established by Gov. Andrew Cuomo has not apparently made such demands of Cuomo’s fellow Democrats in a recent flurry of subpoenas aimed at political ...

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Some in GOP not heeding old big business allies

WASHINGTON — Having failed to persuade their traditional Republican allies in Congress to avert a government shutdown, business leaders fear bigger problems ahead, and they’re taking sides with a Democratic president whose health care and regulatory agenda they have vigorously ...

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Koch IDs NY lawmakers who reneged on reform plan

ALBANY — Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch declared Tuesday to be “retribution day” for 42 state lawmakers he said broke written campaign promises to enact nonpartisan redistricting. “Once having won, they have reneged,” Koch told reporters in a teleconference.

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GOP seeks 1-week extension as gov’t shutdown looms

WASHINGTON, D.C. — The top Democrat on Capitol Hill on Thursday blamed a threatened government shutdown on House Speaker John Boehner's insistence on keeping conservative policy prescriptions for the environment and abortion in a funding bill that must be passed by midnight Friday.

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