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Keeping Your Balance: The code to recovery

Many have watched the recent hurricanes ravage the coastlines of Texas and Florida with a dread about the ultimate outcome of their rental properties or second homes. While assessing damages and planning recovery, the Internal Revenue Service Code has some ...

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Keeping Your Balance: A look at DOL’s proposed changes to overtime rules

Rules protecting the American worker from unpaid overtime date back to the 1930s. In 1975, nearly 61 percent of salaried employees were protected under overtime rules compared to just 8 percent today as inflation eroded the protection for many individuals. ...

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Keeping Your Balance: Mismanagement of retirement plans can be a costly error

Employers need to be aware of current developments in the retirement account arena as retirement investors are having success in fighting what some view as predatory practices by the financial services industry. Further, there are pressures in the government to ...

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Keeping Your Balance: Diversification limits liability for benefit plan sponsors

A plan sponsor has certain fiduciary responsibilities to plan participants. This includes acting solely in the interest of plan participants and their beneficiaries, with the exclusive purpose of providing benefits to them, carrying out their duties prudently, following the plan ...

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