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General counsel salaries increasing with duties

  In the 13 years since she became the top legal officer at Paychex Inc., Stephanie L. Schaeffer’s job description has changed significantly. While she still oversees all of the traditional legal functions, like litigation, contracts, mergers and acquisitions, and ...

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Summer law intern program victim of cuts

Funding is not available this year for the LawPrep Summer Internship Program, so program coordinator Jack Hurley is hoping his colleagues in the legal profession will fill the gap. Instead of just sponsoring interns this year, he would like law employers to pay the interns’ salaries, which were previously funded with grants.

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Pay freeze proposed for high level county workers

Democrats in the Monroe County Legislature proposed freezing the salaries of the highest paid county employees on Wednesday. The proposal would freeze the salaries at the 2010 level for nearly 400 employees classified as management and professional, and rescind a 2011 pay raise.

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Salaries slow for in-house counsel

A recent report shows the rate of salary increases for in-house legal counsel continues to slow through a rough economy. But in the big picture, lawyers aren’t starving. Hildebrandt Baker Robbins, a New Jersey-based legal industry consulting firm, released a study this month that surveyed more than 6,000 attorneys across nine levels and more than 5,000 non-attorney staff on pay rates.

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