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Social Media Law: Part 3: Social media and employees and students

Social Media Law’s latest installment is part three of my interview with Ryan Garcia, Dell’s in-house attorney for social media. This segment focuses on recently-passed laws regulating requests for social media information by employers and educational institutions (aka Password Protection ...

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Social Media Law: An interview with Dell’s social media counsel Garcia

Social media is a business tool. Marketing, recruiting talent and researching public opinion are obvious uses. Social media is also a business risk. Tweets, videos and posts can easily tarnish a hard-won reputation or leak confidential information. Dell embraces social ...

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Social Media Law: Highlighting social media’s multiple privacy principles

Social media evidence is playing a larger role in many matters such as business deals, employment decisions, injury claims and family law issues. Inevitably, social media users are pushing back, often claiming social data is private. Some recent decisions offer ...

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Social Media Law: Easier social media discovery: Skip the content

Courts are routinely rejecting discovery demands for “all” social media evidence. Such demands are understandable – the volume and type of materials posted to social sites is expanding and users are increasingly protecting content from public eyes with more comprehensive ...

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