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High court nominees face no-holds-barred scrutiny

WASHINGTON — Did you ever buy porn, sniff glue, have sex in junior high? Exactly how many times? White House lawyers are scouring a life’s worth of information about President Barack Obama’s potential picks for the Supreme Court, from the ...

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Bobbleheads honor Supreme Court justices

WASHINGTON — They are some of the rarest bobblehead dolls ever produced. They’re released erratically. They’re given away for free, not sold. And if you get a certificate to claim one, you have to redeem it at a Washington, D.C., ...

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Who’s that?

(Dolan Media Newswires) — A new study by reveals that nearly two-thirds of Americans cannot name a single Supreme Court justice.

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Thomas: Some questioning ‘irresponsible’

GAINESVILLE, Fla. — Questioning the Supreme Court and other government branches needs to stay within the range of fair criticism or “run the risk in our society of undermining institutions that we need to preserve our liberties,” Justice Clarence Thomas said Thursday.

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