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Supreme Court says government has broad authority when detaining some immigrants

A narrowly divided Supreme Court said Tuesday that federal authorities have broad powers to detain indefinitely and without a bond hearing legal immigrants who have committed certain crimes that make them eligible for deportation. It does not matter whether authorities ...

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Kavanaugh joins liberals in tough questions on execution plans for man with rare condition

The Supreme Court spent a gruesome hour Tuesday debating a constitutional way to execute a Missouri man who has a rare medical condition, with the likely decider, new Justice Brett Kavanaugh, joining the court’s liberals with tough questions for the ...

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Supreme Court contemplates whether man who cannot remember crime may be executed

After 33 years in solitary confinement and afflicted with vascular dementia, Vernon Madison can’t tell you the season, the day of the week or recite the alphabet beyond “G,” his lawyers say. If reminded, he knows he might be executed ...

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On abortion and other issues, Kavanaugh’s heroes are more conservative than Kennedy

WASHINGTON – When Judge Brett Kavanaugh was nominated to the Supreme Court last week, he said he was “deeply honored” to have the chance to replace his old boss and the man he has called a mentor, Justice Anthony Kennedy. ...

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