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Mandamus: Matter of Amico v. Carballada

Supreme Court, Monroe County Mandamus Standing — Injury-in-Fact Matter of Amico v. Carballada Index No. 2011/1155 Judge Barry Background: The petitioners, which include the president of the Rochester Firefighters Association Local 1071, brought a combined Article 78 and declaratory judgment ...

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Negligence: Wiechec v. Dolina

Supreme Court, Erie County Negligence Settlements — Court Approval — Workers’ Compensation Insurer Wiechec v. Dolina No. 2000/2407 Judge NeMoyer Background: In March 2000, Roger J. Wiechec commenced an action against John E. Dolina to recover damages for personal injuries ...

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Indigent Representation: Matter of The New York County Lawyers’ Association v. Bloomberg

Supreme Court, New York County Indigent Representation 18-B Attorneys — Assignment of Counsel Matter of The New York County Lawyers’ Association v. Bloomberg No. 107216/10 Judge Singh Background: Several county bar associations, among others, brought this Article 78 proceeding contesting ...

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Manslaughter: People v. Hardy

Supreme Court, Monroe County Manslaughter Status of Unborn Child People v. Hardy 2010-0402 Judge Valentino Background: The defendant is charged with manslaughter in the second degree, assault in the second and third degrees, and attempted petit larceny. The defendant apparently ...

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