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Digital natives change dynamic in jury trials

The generation of jurors known as the “net generation” or “digital natives” — those who were born in the digital age and know nothing of life before the Internet — are changing the way trial lawyers try cases and the way juries decide them.

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Exiscan launched

Rochester entrepreneur Tim Rohrer on Thursday announced the launch of his new company Exiscan LLC.

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New York more tech savvy

New York State tied with eight other state governments for fifth place in the Center for Digital Government’s recent survey that measures use of technology to aid the states and their residents.

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Why you need to switch to digital client files

Here’s a question that’s posed to me from time to time: “What do you see as the biggest technological issue facing law firms?” My answer: the stubborn insistence of so many lawyers in clinging to paper client files.

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When tech and ethics collide

The American Bar Association’s recent Webinar on the potential pitfalls found at the intersection of technology and ethics, “Dangerous Curves Ahead: When Legal Ethics and Technology Collide,” addressed a number of challenges lawyers face on a daily basis ...

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