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Tag Archives: Ted Streuli

Commentary: Money trails lead to strange places

Much has been made in recent weeks about the U.S. Treasury’s announcement that Alexander Hamilton’s days on the $10 bill are numbered. It’s time for a woman to grace paper money. Plenty of candidates have been discussed, and an online ...

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Commentary: Take weddings one at a time

Nearly one-fourth of American engagements occur on Valentine’s Day. That number might be higher this year with it being on a Saturday. Many of those couples will be out on dates with plenty of liquid courage to help them along. ...

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Commentary: How Mother’s Day became motherless

One century. That’s how long Mother’s Day has been an official celebration, all thanks to Anna Jarvis. Jarvis, originally of Grafton, West Virginia, had a little shindig to honor her own mother in 1908 and promptly began campaigning to make ...

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Commentary: Is that faux real?

In the crime world, there just isn’t anything sexier than a jewel thief. Except, perhaps, an art forger. Deceptive art has been romanticized in literature and film, from “How to Steal a Million” and “The Thomas Crown Affair” to “The ...

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