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Title Track: Affiliation, disclosures, and the title industry: What does DFS Regulation 206 change?

The New York State Department of Financial Services (DFS) instituted Insurance Regulation 206 on Oct. 18, 2017. These new regulations focus on title insurance agents, affiliated relationships, and required disclosures. In addition to reaffirming the prohibition on inducements to title ...

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Title Track: News from the 2017 New York State Land Title Association Convention

On Aug. 20-22, the New York State Land Title Association (NYSLTA) held its annual convention in Syracuse at the recently remodeled Syracuse Downtown Marriott. Every year hundreds of title agent and title underwriter representatives get together for business and networking ...

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Title Track: USDA’s rural loan program can help with home financing

As the cost of living increases, personal incomes become further stretched and mortgage financing options become ever more restrictive, the United States Department of Agriculture rural loan program should be given serious consideration. As part of his Fair Deal initiative, ...

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Title Track: Rising student loan debt affecting housing market

A new study suggests that rising student loan debt is having an adverse effect on the housing market.  Rising debt is forcing college graduates to choose renting over buying, and when they do purchase a home, the size of the ...

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Title Track: Securing non-public personal information

We all know from news accounts over the past few years that personal information can be compromised. Target, American Express, Facebook, Michaels, TJMaxx and eBay are just a few companies that come to mind. Long before these security breaches occurred, ...

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Title Track: Are subprime mortgages making a comeback?


“Bad credit? No money? No problem!” We’ve all heard these statements spoken by an enthusiastic salesman about a huge lot of vehicles that are just waiting to be driven home by a deserving buyer. But, what about home buying? With ...

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Title Track: Real property crimes target distressed homes, homeowners


For some the “American Dream” is all about homeownership. Owning a home offers a sense of security and accomplishment. The dream of homeownership, combined with the current economic climate, increases the susceptibility of some homeowners to real estate fraud schemes. ...

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Title Track: Deeds are more than just a conveyance

Michael Fame

During my quest to become an Eagle Scout, I learned, and continue to practice today, the Boy Scout tenet of doing a good deed daily. Having reviewed countless deeds over the years, I have often thought that an appropriate motto ...

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