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Top 10: Top 10 points on punitive damages

1. “[P]unitive or exemplary damages may be awarded where the defendant’s conduct amounts to such gross, wanton or willful fraud, dishonesty, or malicious wrongdoing as to involve a high degree of moral culpability, making it appropriate to deter the defendants ...

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Top 10 citations: Opposing discovery in state court

The burden of proving that the method of discovery sought will result in disclosure of relevant information, or that it is reasonably calculated to lead to the discovery of information bearing on the defense of the claims, lies with the party seeking disclosure, Crazytown Furniture v. Brooklyn Union Gas Co.

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Top 10: Tips on making adverse possession claims

1. For a party to successfully claim title by adverse possession, that party must prove, by a standard of clear and convincing evidence that the possession is (a) actual; (b) hostile and under a claim of right; (c) open and notorious; (d) exclusive; and (e) continuous for the prescriptive period of 10 years ...

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