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Tag Archives: Webster Town Court

Charge against Lou Gramm’s son dismissed: Judge says threat was ambiguous

Webster Town Justice Thomas J. DiSalvo has dismissed a misdemeanor charge against the son of Lou Gramm, former frontman for the rock band Foreigner. In a telephone call on Aug. 29, Nicolas A. Grammatico allegedly told his stepmother, Robyn Grammatico: ...

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Webster Town Court — Legally Sufficient Accusatory: People v. Williams

Webster Town Court Legally Sufficient Accusatory Misdemeanor Information — Supporting Deposition People v. Williams 12030151 Justice DiSalvo Background: The defendant was charged with one count of petit larceny for allegedly taking property from a local Kmart store. The information consisted of ...

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Traffic Stops: People v. Lang

Webster Town Court Traffic Stops Probable Cause People v. Lang 10090892 Judge DiSalvo Background: The defendant was charged with having Inadequate Plate Lamps, VTL 375(2)(A)(4), Driving While Intoxicated, VTL 1192(3) and Refusal to Take a Breath Test 1194(4) on Sept. ...

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Negligence: Wilcox v. Perkins

Webster Town Court Negligence Animals — Owner’s Liability Wilcox v. Perkins No. 10100053.1 2011 WL 293712 Judge DiSalvo Background: On Sept. 29, 2010, the defendants’ dog, “Gomer”, a coonhound mix that had been adopted a year earlier from the Humane ...

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Zoning: People v. Marianetti

Webster Town Court Zoning Preexisting Uses — Criminal or Civil Penalties People v. Marianetti 10070149 Judge DiSalvo Background: The defendant was charged with violating Webster Town Code Section 225.48.1(A), which proscribes illegally maintaining a “Portable Storage Container,” in this case ...

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Misdemeanor Complaints: People v. Sullivan

Webster Town Court Misdemeanor Complaints Sufficiency of Allegations People v. Sullivan 1003015 Judge DiSalvo Background: The defendant is charged with second-degree menacing, PL 120.14(1), and second-degree harassment, PL 240.26(2), a Class A misdemeanor and violation, respectively. The charges are not ...

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