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Justice spells out how to handle eyewitness IDs

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department has issued its first procedures for how the FBI and other department law enforcement agencies should ask eyewitnesses to identify suspects using photo lineups and how federal prosecutors weigh that evidence to avoid erroneous convictions. ...

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Prior consistent statements didn’t bolster testimony

Defense counsel’s failure to object to the testimony of seven nonexpert witnesses about consistent statements a child victim of sexual abuse made before trial did not make her accusations more credible, a divided Appellate Division, Fourth Department ruled. Two of ...

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Witnesses differ on abuse circumstances

It was proper for a Monroe County trial court to allow the ex-wife of a defendant on trial on a charge of sexually abusing a girl to rebut the testimony of his former girlfriend who contradicted the child’s allegations, a ...

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Lawyer faces liability for defamatory words

A lawyer did not enjoy absolute immunity from liability for allegedly defamatory statements made during interviews of witnesses for a client’s case, the Florida Supreme Court has ruled in reversing judgment. The lawyer represented a client sued for defaming a ...

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‘Someone must know’

Law enforcement officials are frustrated in their efforts to bring killers and other criminals to justice because witnesses are reluctant to speak up. A culture of anti-snitching has become so prevalent that Sen. Charles E. Schumer is sponsoring legislation that, ...

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