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Lawyers sending out text messages to try and get work

You’ve just been in a car accident or accused of a crime. You’re confused and overwhelmed. You need help and don’t know where to turn. Just at your most vulnerable moment, a lawyer steps forward and slips you his card. ...

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Outlawing impolite behavior at work: an ominous trend

On any given workday, we all deal with a wide spectrum of human behavior. At one time or another, we have all been on the giving and receiving ends of idiosyncratic — even uncomfortable — workplace conduct. A recent trend ...

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NY starting project to put ex-inmates to work

ALBANY — New York officials said they are launching a project to train and employ former inmates using $13.5 million raised from businesses and foundations as investors. Under a contract with Social Finance Inc., which raised operating funds from investors, ...

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Work progresses on Midtown redevelopment

Interest in the Midtown redevelopment project is evident — Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s recent bus tour included a stop and look-see and resulted in an infusion of state money to help speed the project along. But the interest from city residents ...

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Study: Long commutes could fatigue airline pilots

WASHINGTON — One in five airline pilots lives at least 750 miles from work, according to a study by scientific advisers to the government, raising concerns that long commutes to airports could lead to fatigue in the cockpit.

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