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Worth Considering: Three performance problems with most mutual funds

For all their virtues, mutual funds have some serious flaws. To their credit, mutual funds can provide things that most investors desire, things like broad diversification, transparent holdings, good liquidity and easy trading. Unfortunately, most mutual also have serious performance ...

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Worth Considering: Benchmark your investment performance

Investors should compare their investment performance against an appropriate market benchmark. Let’s take a look at why and how to do it. Benchmarking refers to setting reasonable expectations for investment performance using broad market indices. Many investors will instinctively look ...

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Worth Considering: Has the shift to passive index investing been overstated?

Investors are shifting away from actively managed funds and towards passively managed funds. The financial media have interpreted this as a “seismic” shift from active to passive investing, but they probably overstate, or perhaps they misunderstand, what is occurring. Lost ...

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Worth Considering: Understand different approaches to correctly measure your investment performance

The absence of a uniform standard for reporting investment performance presents a challenge for investors. As a rule, investment advisers are not required to report investment performance and, even if they do, there is no uniform standard for how the ...

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Worth Considering: Correctly measuring your investment performance

Correctly measuring investment performance is a problem for many investors. The problem has two parts. First, many investors don’t even bother to measure their investment performance. Most brokerage account statements do not report the investment performance for the period in ...

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