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Judicial tips to simplify eDiscovery

Screens are everywhere. Whether you are enjoying this article in hard copy or online, you are likely surrounded by screens on phones, tablets, wearable devices, computers, TVs/displays, thermostats, kiosks, etc. The devices behind those screens create useful electronic records, particularly ...

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Social Media Law: NY high court to rule on Facebook and warrants

Can Facebook and similar entities protect user data from sweeping government searches? On Tuesday, the New York Court of Appeals hears oral argument on this issue in the case of In re 381 Search Warrants Directed to Facebook, Inc. I ...

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Social Media Law: Exploring social media’s role in notable litigation, Part Two

Editor’s note: Scott Malouf and Gary Craig explain social media’s role in notable litigation in part 2 of a 2-part series Social Media Law’s latest installment is the second part of my interview with noted reporter Gary Craig. Below, Mr. ...

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Social Media Law: A Good Second Impression: Legal Ethics and Making Public Social Media Private

A number of recent ethics opinions discuss whether a litigant may change the privacy settings on a social media account to make previously-public social media information private.[i] The most recent is the Florida Bar Association’s Proposed Advisory Opinion 14-1 (2015). ...

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Social Media Law: Uniform Act provides fiduciaries access to digital records

It is trite to observe we live and work digitally. Everything from case-winning insights, financial records, agreements and contact information, to family photos and letters is, or becomes, digital, much of it stored online, with a surprising amount maintained by ...

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Social Media Law: Part 3: Social media and employees and students

Social Media Law’s latest installment is part three of my interview with Ryan Garcia, Dell’s in-house attorney for social media. This segment focuses on recently-passed laws regulating requests for social media information by employers and educational institutions (aka Password Protection ...

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