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MCBA President’s Message: Let’s include everyone when we connect

Bradley Kammholz

“From Striving Alone to Thriving Together.” This is the title of NYSBA’s recent report on attorney well-being. I think that’s what the MCBA and other bar associations are really all about — connection with others that look out for us ...

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IP Frontiers: Proposed rules for the Copyright Claims Board

Wayne Reinke

The Copyright Alternative in Small-Claims Enforcement Act of 2020 (the CASE Act) included a direction from Congress to create the Copyright Claims Board (the “CCB”), a three-member panel giving an option to resolve copyright disputes involving less than $30,000. The ...

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NJ latest to weigh in on ethics of practicing law remotely


We’re well into the second year of the pandemic and as the disruptions continue, remote work is becoming commonplace in the legal profession. Every week of uncertainty leads to the increased acceptance of working from locations outside of law offices. ...

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Real Estate Law: Home is where the heart (or HOA) is

Donald E. Snyder Jr.

I was welcomed to the world of Homeowner’s Associations (“HOAs”) as a young associate in the early 1980s, when I was assigned the task of establishing an HOA for a local townhouse development. At the time, HOAs were just starting ...

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Your Counsel: Adult cannabis use and the New York workplace

Steven Modica

Lawyers tend to limit their practice to a few areas. Nonetheless, people come to us with myriad problems — many of which fall outside our expertise. Through this column, we provide practical information to help you assist those who have ...

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Environmental Law: Biden administration proposes changes to National Environmental Policy Act regulations

George S. Van Nest

On Oct. 6, the Biden administration announced additional steps to roll back regulatory reforms instituted by the Trump administration. The Council on Environmental Quality (CEQ) announced that it plans to restore three central provisions of National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) ...

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