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Drunk people can’t technically be raped under N.Y. law, prosecutor says. Advocates say it’s not an excuse.

The scenario is unfortunately common: A woman goes to a bar and chooses to have several drinks. Later that night, she becomes a victim of sexual assault. In New York, Manhattan’s top prosecutor says, the assaulter can not be charged ...

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Workplace Issues: Sex assault case raises difficult issues regarding military

This case demonstrates that the courts do not favor imposing any liability against military institutions — even involving sexual harassment and rape at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The case is Doe v. Hagenbeck, decided on August 30th, ...

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Fact Check: Justice Alito’s misleading claim about sex offender rearrests

“Repeat sex offenders pose an especially grave risk to children. ‘When convicted sex offenders reenter society, they are much more likely than any other type of offender to be rearrested for a new rape or sexual assault.'”-Supreme Court Justice Samuel ...

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Lawyer for Kane accuser abruptly quits over evidence bag

BUFFALO — The lawyer for a woman accusing Chicago Blackhawks star Patrick Kane of sexual assault abruptly quit the case Thursday night, saying he’s no longer comfortable representing the woman because of how her mother reported finding an evidence bag ...

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