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Author Archives: Mark J. Moretti

MCBA President’s Message: MCBA to substitute educational activities for judicial ratings process

On April 5, after extensive and careful consideration and debate, the MCBA Board of Trustees voted to convert its judicial rating process into educational efforts designed to inform the public about candidates running for judicial office. The decision came after ...

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MCBA President’s Message: On ‘young lawyers’ and how they can grow

It is stating the obvious to say that our young (“newly minted”) lawyers are the future of the profession. However, they have entered the profession at a time when the economics of the practice of law have changed dramatically. Initially ...

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MCBA President’s Message: Honoring balance between 3 branches of government and rule of law

American democracy is premised upon a balance of power between the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of government. Although at times we view the executive branch as being all powerful, the reality is that the limits of each branch are ...

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