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Author Archives: Special to The Daily Record

Commentary: Pigeons and the Law

What could pigeons possibly have to do with the law? It turns out that the bird’s presence in our lexicon is extensive. Take, for example, the phrase “stool pigeon.” In the current context the phrase describes a person involved in ...

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Real Estate Law: Eviction moratorium, rental assistance programs settle in for extended stay

Karianne M. Polimeni

New York’s eviction moratorium and rental assistance programs, created in the early days of the pandemic to combat the health and economic consequences that accompany evictions, homelessness, and unpaid rent, will be sticking around a bit longer, but not without ...

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Cybersecurity: It’s not just your business you’re protecting

Anna Mercardo Clark

Protecting against cybercrime for law firms and other legal organizations is particularly acute because it is not just legal professionals’ data and confidential information at stake, says Cheryl Nelan, the owner and president of CMIT Solutions of Monroe. “One of ...

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Insurance and Injury Corner: A brief primer on New York Insurance Law § 3420 (d)

Daniel S. Galan

When issuing policies covering personal injury risk in New York, insurers must remain mindful of Insurance Law § 3420(d), which requires that insurers provide notice disclaiming liability to the claimant and/or injured person as soon as reasonably possible. Under Insurance ...

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Advocate’s View: Updated status of evictions in New York State

Robert P. Yawman

Last September, The Daily Record published my Advocate’s View article entitled “Navigating the Status of Evictions in New York State.” There have been several changes over the past year. Just last month, the Supreme Court issued a decision enjoining part ...

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Real Estate Law: As property co-owners, common ground can be hard to find

John Anderson

The creator of the idiom “what’s mine is yours…” likely didn’t co-own property with another person. Real property is often owned by two or more persons as tenants in common, each owning an undivided interest in the property. Such co-owners ...

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Commentary: New guidance impacting cross-examination in Title IX hearings

Joshua M. Agins

On Aug. 24, the Department of Education issued new Title IX guidance that addressed a lingering issue created by the Department’s 2020 Title IX regulations. Specifically, confusion arose from that portion of the regulations prohibiting Title IX decision makers from ...

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