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Attorneys help with foreclosure assistance

As Take Back the Land spokesman Ryan Acuff explained, a defendant who can’t afford an attorney in a criminal case has the constitutional right to have one provided to protect their rights. However, someone facing the loss of their home ...

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Grant helps refugees, immigrants assimilate

Depending on worldwide circumstances and government regulations, the United States receives approximately 75,000 refugees a year as war, genocide, trauma and oppressive conditions force people to flee to a safer environment. Over 3,000 of them settle in upstate New York.

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NYSBA focuses on vets’ unique legal needs

They proudly serve their country, but are often too proud to ask for help in return. To better serve veterans with the legal assistance they may need, Vincent E. Doyle III, president of the New York State Bar Association, has created a special committee to address the void for veterans statewide.

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ABA honoring veterans

The American Bar Association has launched a new website to provide service members and military families with resources on legal issues and obtaining law-related assistance for the problems they face every day.

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Civil legal aid needs grow

The number of Americans who qualify for federally funded civil legal assistance programs because of their low income increased by 3 million from 2008 to 2009, according to the Legal Services Corporation.

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