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Justice Green honored with courtroom dedication

The plaque above the door says it all. Gold letters proclaim it the Hon. Samuel L. Green Courtroom. It used to simply be called Courtroom No. 1. That was before the retirement of the justice who has served the Appellate ...

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Hearing on whether to allow spectators at trial

NEW YORK CITY — A New York City judge is to decide whether to bar the press and others from the courtroom during the testimony of a key witness. Prosecutors say the witness has been beaten and shot at since the start of the trial four weeks ago.

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Lippman: Cuts to greatly impact courts, public

The state’s court system is facing massive layoffs as it struggles to reduce its 2011-12 budget by $170 million. Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman, in a video to employees this week, warned the consequences of the cuts will not only harm court operations, but will also be felt heavily by the public.

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Prepare a witness to increase credibility

In the political high season, pre-packaged messages extoll or disparage candidates inundating our airwaves. Most of it is negative. The old adage about negative political commercials is that no one likes them but they work.

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Say what?

Faith Pincus — a former attorney who teaches lawyers how to be better public speakers — is the founder of Los Angeles-based Pincus Communications. She has interviewed more than 100 judges to find out what they think about lawyers in the courtroom.

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