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Commentary: Make sure you’re worthy of a client’s trust

Handling trust accounts requires a specific skill set on the part of attorneys. Lawyers must maintain the safety of the accounts via careful accounting and oversight of banking safety. The lawyer is a fiduciary who must keep accurate accounting records ...

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Commentary: Cash still rules the payment roost

Systems of payment have changed a lot over the years, and the trend is likely to continue. From cash/checks to credit cards, cellphone payments, Bitcoin payments, etc., the world of paying bills has expanded with each new technological advancement. Although ...

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Commentary: Can a lawyer represent both sides?

The question arises whether lawyers can effectively and ethically represent opposite types of clients — for example, insurance carriers and insurance coverage plaintiffs. The ABA’s Rule of Professional Conduct 1.7 addresses this. On the one hand, the rule sensibly says ...

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Commentary: A three-dimensional view of small-firm success

The legal profession has reached a point where upheaval is the “new normal.” Certainly large law firms are changing in response to recession, technology and client demands; those firms that don’t change quickly enough, like Dewey & LeBoeuf, are doomed ...

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