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Environmental Law: New Phase I standard helps manage environmental risk

Prospective purchasers and lessees of commercial real estate, as well as their lenders, generally recognize that they should investigate the environmental condition of property they seek to handle. The development and acceptance of a standard commercial practice for carrying out ...

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Environmental Law: Yogurt triggers new battles in environmental regulation war

Does economic development only come at a cost to the environment? This old question has dominated environmental news of late, but most of the attention has focused on the acrimonious and technologically mysterious subject of hydrofracking. Garnering less public attention ...

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Environmental Law: ASTM revises environmental site assessment standard

The American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) developed the initial Phase I Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) standard in 1993 to address the scope of environmental due diligence required prior to acquisition of real estate in light of environmental liability ...

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Environmental Law: Renewable energy benefits from the ‘fiscal cliff’

Discussions about energy in New York have remained intensely and divisively focused on the extraction of reserves of natural gas from the Marcellus shale. Even as the Department of Environmental Conservation’s latest procedural deadline nears, polls show New Yorkers evenly ...

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Environmental Law: Is an increased risk of disease actionable?

Picture claimants living near an old factory which used large quantities of solvents, including trichloroethylene, classified as a human carcinogen. Over the years, TCE seeped into the ground and groundwater, forming an underground solvent pool, from which the vapors have ...

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