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A false testimony may have put a Texas man on death row, his attorneys say. He was executed anyway.

It was hardly a question whether Travis Runnels, the ninth and final Texas inmate executed on death row this year, had committed a murder. Over a decade ago, the Dallas native pleaded guilty in the 2003 killing of his former ...

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Judge halts all scheduled federal executions, says Barr’s lethal injection protocol is at odds with the law

A federal judge late Wednesday halted all four scheduled federal executions, finding that Attorney General William Barr’s July proposal that sought to resume the death penalty after a 16-year moratorium is at odds with federal law. The four men were ...

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Documents of Quaker merchant hanged in 1778 up for auction

ALBANY — In November 1778, wealthy Pennsylvania businessman John Roberts III and a fellow Quaker were convicted of treason against the American cause and hanged from a gallows in Philadelphia, despite calls for a pardon from prominent citizens, including three ...

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Transcript shows concerns during Arizona execution

FLORENCE, Ariz. — U.S. District Judge Neil V. Wake was attending a ceremony for a judicial colleague when he received an urgent — and unusual — request: Lawyers for a condemned inmate wanted him to stop an execution that didn’t ...

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Troy Davis execution fuels eyewitness ID debate

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Before he was executed in Georgia last week, Troy Davis brought worldwide attention to his case by challenging the trustworthiness of bystanders who said they saw him shoot a police officer. Davis lost the battle to spare his life, but experts say his case adds fuel to an already-simmering debate ...

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