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Trump is remaking the federal judiciary

WASHINGTON – After three years in office, President Donald Trump has remade the federal judiciary, ensuring a conservative tilt for decades and cementing his legacy no matter the outcome of November’s election. Trump nominees make up 1 in 4 U.S. ...

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Group looking at harassment in the judiciary suggests sweeping changes

The group tasked by Chief Justice John Roberts with examining harassment in the federal judiciary found inappropriate conduct, while not pervasive, is also “not limited to a few isolated instances” and recommended sweeping changes to help ferret out wrongdoing, according ...

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Analysis: Trump’s personal attacks on judges are ‘worse than wrong’

Dealing with another legal blow that blocked another executive order this week, President Donald Trump did something familiar. He attacked the judiciary. Again. And ever so aggressively. A White House statement Tuesday about a federal district judge’s ruling on Trump’s ...

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Right to counsel video available

A new “Court Shorts” video, focusing on the Sixth Amendment right to counsel, has been released by the federal judiciary, expanding a series of short video and audio podcasts that teach young people about the Constitution, courts and individual rights. ...

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Judiciary still open

The federal judiciary will remain open for business through Oct. 17, according to a release from the Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts. When no funding mechanism was in place Oct. 1, the beginning of a new fiscal year, the ...

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Judiciary seeks funding support from president

The federal judiciary is appealing to President Obama for the funding necessary in fiscal 2014 to perform its essential constitutional functions. Without it, the federal courts face additional reductions in staff and services that will severely affect individuals and businesses ...

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