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Commentary: Explaining litigation through similes

Have you ever tried to explain the civil litigation process to a client through metaphor or simile? In my experience, there are some comparisons that are apt, and some that are not. Litigation is not like poker In Abraham Lincoln’s ...

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General counsel survey predicts more disputes


If your company or client views spending on litigation as a bad thing, which it no doubt does, Norton Rose Fulbright’s Litigation Trends Annual Survey will be quite depressing to them. It predicts an increasingly litigious environment, more regulatory disputes, ...

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Which way is the wind blowing in ST project?

The status of a planned wind turbine project in the Southern Tier remains unclear. The development company, which prevailed in the latest round of litigation, plans to proceed, according to Laurie S. Bloom, who represents Ecogen Wind LLC. But the ...

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DOMA guidance could spur new litigation

Ever since the U.S. Supreme Court struck down a statutory provision banning the recognition of same-sex marriages for federal purposes in June, business owners and their attorneys have been awaiting guidance from federal agencies as to how that ruling would ...

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Document review work fades as computers take over

iStock image used with permission.

Discovery for major litigation once meant junior attorneys would spend thousands of hours doing the mind-numbingly repetitive work of sifting through documents, identifying the ones that had to be produced for the pending lawsuit. For clients, it usually meant sky-high ...

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Deadline approaches for certain fen-phen claims

(Dolan Media Newswires) — A Dec. 31 deadline in the fen-phen litigation faces certain individuals who may be eligible for additional cash payments from the $4.8 billion nationwide class settlement involving the recalled diet drug. Drug maker Wyeth has agreed ...

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Discovery expanded in Yaz, Yasmin litigation

Discovery in the multidistrict litigation over the birth control drugs Yaz/Yasmin has been expanded beyond the 24 selected bellwether cases. Judge David R. Herndon, who oversees the litigation in the U.S. District Court ...

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Philadelphia firm opens office in Rochester

Rochester attorney Bernadette Catalana has become of counsel to the Philadelphia-based law firm of Lavin, O’Neil, Ricci, Cedrone & DiSipio, which has opened a local office. Catalana is an experienced litigator who focuses her practice ...

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Rochester firm cited for frivolous defense

A Rochester firm, recently slapped with a $10,000 fine, is evaluating its next step, but believes it will be vindicated. Monroe County Supreme Court Justice William P. Polito found that Hagelin Kent LLC engaged in frivolous defense of an accident client ...

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Darvon, Darvocet mass tort is massive

Plaintiffs’ personal injury attorneys are gearing up to initiate an onslaught of litigation against makers of the popular painkillers Darvon and Darvocet. After the voluntary withdrawal of the drugs ...

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