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Tag Archives: self-representation

Court of Appeals — Self-Representation: People v. Stone

New York State Court of Appeals Self-Representation Mental Illness People v. Stone No. 5 Judge Graffeo Background: At issue was whether the defendant’s constitutional rights were violated by the trial court’s failure to sua sponte inquire into his mental capacity ...

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Second Circuit — Self-representation: Ramos v. Racette

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Self-representation Mischaracterization of Legal Advisor Ramos v. Racette 12-256- cv Judges Jacobs, Carney and Droney Background: The defendant elected to appear pro se and failed to appear at the proceedings for charges ...

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Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics — Self-representation: Opinion 12-41

NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Self-representation Opinion 12-41 Background: The inquiring judge asked whether it was ethically permissible to continue to commence or defend civil actions as a self-represented litigant in various justice courts in the county where he ...

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Second Circuit — Self-Representation: USA v. Barnes

U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit Self-Representation Abandonment USA v. Barnes 10-3099-cr(L) Judges Kearse, B.D. Parker and Hall Background: The defendant was convicted of narcotics, racketeering and firearm offenses after a trial at which defendant had been represented ...

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