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Tips for buying technology

The prospect of investing in technology strikes fear into the hearts of many sole practitioners and small firms. Ross Kodner and John Simek recently offered their expertise at an ALI/ABA webinar entitled “Buying Smart: Technology for Solos and Small Firms.”  ...

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ABA ethics proposals could impact small firms, solos

The ABA Ethics Commission 20/20 recently met to discuss a package of proposals that are likely to affect small and solo law firms. At the end of last year and earlier this year, the commission issued a series of papers that address the impact of technology and globalization on the practice of law.

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Solos, small firms look to portfolio billing

Solos and small firms looking for ways to attract new customers and stabilize their income should consider an increasingly popular option: portfolio billing. Portfolio billing is an arrangement where a law firm takes on all the legal work ...

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Project management principles for small firms

Construction supervisors have used project management techniques for decades to complete buildings. Now several legal consultants are urging attorneys to apply similar tools to their practices and cases.

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