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Court refuses to block tougher NY gun law

ALBANY — The Appellate Division, Third Department has rejected claims that New York’s new gun law violates the state constitution because it was passed too quickly and restricts the rights of a citizen militia. The decision Wednesday upheld a judge’s ...

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Companies get favorable ruling on ‘rolling stock’

The way the state Tax Appeals Tribunal has been interpreting provisions of state tax laws on industrial development erodes its goal of fostering economic development, according to two recent decisions by the Appellate Division, Third Department. Two area companies, represented ...

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Decision clarifies dissolution of civil unions

Same-sex couples whose out-of-state, legally recognized relationships failed may formally dissolve them in New York courts. While New York has recognized civil unions from other states, it hasn’t been clear whether those relationships could be dissolved in New York or if couples would have to return to the jurisdiction ...

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