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New public policy journal issued

The Government Law Center of Albany Law School and the New York State Bar Association have jointly released the latest issue of “Government, Law and Policy Journal” which showcases New York’s long history of innovative public policies.

The authors include a “who’s who” of current and former policy makers: William Bratton, New York City police commissioner; Jonathan E. Gradess, executive director of the New York State Defenders Association; Martin F. Horn, executive director of the New York State Sentencing Commission; New York State Chief Judge Jonathan Lippman; former State Sen. John R. Dunne; former Assemblyman Dan Feldman; and Peter J. Kiernan, former counsel to Gov. David Paterson.

Their articles focus on New York’s innovations in evidence-based crime prevention, the demise of the death penalty, access to justice through pro bono legal services, successful alternatives to incarceration, reform of the Rockefeller drug laws, protection of the environment and free speech, and political accountability in managing financially distressed municipalities.

Other articles examine successful re-entry from prison to the community, great moments in New York pro bono history and reform of public authorities. The winter 2014 issue, entitled “New York: A Laboratory for Innovative Public Policy,” is available to the public at no charge and may be downloaded at www.nysba.org/glpwinter14.

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