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Tag Archives: Nicole Black

Legal Loop: ABA ethics opinion on judges, social media, friendships and disqualification

Judges are supposed to be neutral arbiters. Unfortunately, in the real world, that’s sometimes easier said than done. Ideally, judges would have no connection to the parties and lawyers appearing before them, and thus would be fully impartial. Judges, however, ...

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Legal Loop: Lawyers and cybersecurity: What are your ethical obligations?

If you’re practicing law in 2019, there’s no escaping technology. One way or another, you’re using technology as part of your day-to-day practice, whether it’s the internet, email, mobile devices or cloud-based legal software. Technology is an unavoidable — and ...

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Legal Loop: Small firm lawyers in 2019: geographic data, earnings, career satisfaction and more

Running a small law firm in 2019 isn’t easy, in part because the legal marketplace is in the midst of an unprecedented transformation. 21st-century technologies and globalization are significantly impacting the business of law and continue to disrupt and alter ...

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