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Scott Forsyth

Jul 26, 2018

Forsyth takes over as MCBA Foundation president

Here? Meet there. Getting from A to B is merely a day’s work for Scott A. Forsyth, Esq. The attorney was sworn in as board president of the Foundation of Monroe County Bar on June 14 and officially launched his term on July 1. “I see myself as being an agent of successful outcomes,” said […]

May 8, 2018

Commission proposes to expand victim rights in Florida’s constitution

Life can be so, so different in Florida. Take, for example, the state’s most recent Constitution Revision Committee, which concluded its work on April 16, 2018. The Florida Constitution requires such a commission to be convened every 20 years. Unlike New York, there is no vote on calling a commission. Instead, the governor, the two […]

Apr 24, 2018

Is Kentucky’s ban on abortion method doomed?

According to Wikipedia, Kentucky is known for horse racing, bourbon distilleries, moonshine, college basketball and KFC. To the list should be added laws that limit access to abortion. The state tried to force doctors to conduct an ultrasound before an abortion and show the images to the patient. It imposed medically unnecessary restrictions on the […]

Apr 10, 2018

Court curbs the discretion of Florida governor in restoring voting rights

More snow and cold. Makes you yearn for the warmth and sunshine of Florida. However, before you relocate, consider the legal environment of Florida. For example, look at felon disenfranchisement. Florida is one of four states that effectively bars every man and woman who commits a felony from voting for life. By contrast, New York’s […]

Mar 27, 2018

Commentary: White House staff get to have opinions, too

President Trump is bedeviled by leaks. He tweets they are “illegal” and wants the persons making them prosecuted. All of his bluster has not stemmed the flow of information from anonymous sources. In this respect his administration is no different from the administrations of his predecessors. Ten days ago we learned the president went one […]

Mar 13, 2018

Is it constitutional to lock up asylum-seekers indefinitely?

Judge Elizabeth A. Wolford, a federal district court judge for our area, has received favorable publicity in the past four months. In two decisions she criticized ICE for the way it treated asylum-seekers detained at the Buffalo Detention Facility in Batavia. In the first decision, the judge found that ICE had slowed if not stopped […]

Feb 21, 2018

In setting bail, court must consider ability to pay and alternatives

People are talking seriously about bail reform: the reduction or the elimination of bail for certain persons awaiting trial. The reasons are many. There are the cost savings — $40 a day to house a pretrial detainee in the Monroe County Jail versus $7 a day for the same person to be supervised by pretrial […]

Feb 6, 2018

When an immigration stop is not an immigration stop

You see the green and white vehicles of the Border Patrol cruising the roads of Monroe County and the adjacent counties. What you may not know is that the Border Patrol believes it has the authority to stop any vehicle for immigration purposes within 100 miles of any “external boundary” of the United States. External […]

Jan 16, 2018

Are debtors’ prisons returning?

Consider this question. Your neighbor is dirt poor. He is on probation. As part of his sentence he must pay a fine in installments. He makes the first installment and then loses his job. He cannot pay the next installments and duly informs his probation officer. May a court sentence him to prison for not […]

Jan 2, 2018

Forsyth: Can states boycott contractors who boycott Israeli products?

The founding of Israel was and remains contentious. The Arab states responded, in part, by instituting an economic boycott of all things Israeli. The boycott extended to non-Israeli firms that did business with the government of Israel or Israeli firms. In the late 1970s Congress became concerned that American firms were being pressured to comply […]

Dec 12, 2017

Indefinite detention of American enemy combatant at issue again

The phrase “enemy combatant” conjures up an image of a person, usually a foreign national, infiltrating the country during a time of war, to spy or wreak havoc, or, more recently, fighting for a stateless group like al-Qaida or the Taliban. The government captures the person and detains him, usually in a military prison, inside […]

Nov 28, 2017

Local judge orders ICE to follow parole procedures for asylum-seekers detained at Batavia

The next time you zoom past the Batavia exit on the Thruway, on your way to Buffalo, look left. There is the Palm Island Indoor Water Park. The average stay is 1.5 hours, full of fun and frolic. Then look right. There sits the Buffalo Federal Detention Facility, supervised by ICE. It houses approximately 360 […]

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