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Arrest made in 1991 murder of music teacher

A prison inmate is being charged with the 1991 murder of Stephanie Kupchynsky, a 27-year-old Greece music teacher.

Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley and officials of the Greece Police Department held a joint press conference Monday to announce the indictment of Edward Laraby, 59.

Kupchynsky disappeared on July 31, 1991, from her apartment in Greece. Her family, who reported her missing, later found her abandoned car in the long-term parking lot at Rochester Regional Airport. Seven years later, her skeletal remains were discovered in a creek bed in the Orleans County town of Murray.

Laraby, who was 38 at the time of the murder, was identified by police as one of the prime suspects in Kupchynsky’s disappearance, but insufficient evidence existed to make an arrest. A break came after years of investigative work by the Greece Police Department, which had maintained a carefully constructed relationship with Laraby following his incarceration on an unrelated charge. Guided by advice from FBI criminal psychologists — the relationship resulted in the defendant’s disclosure of critical facts relating to the Kupchynsky murder.

Police Chief Todd Baxter, Doorley and members of the Greece Police Department were joined by Greece School District officials who had played a significant role in the early days of the investigation.

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