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The Daily Record’s Power 20 Litigation 2021

Presenting the Power 20 Litigation list:

We are continuing to build on our Power List program with our next practice-specific list: our Power 20 Litigation list.

Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs

This list includes lawyers who have spent much of their career working as litigators.

The people on this list help their clients resolve complex legal matters that often have dire consequences for their financial well-being, whether the client is a business or an individual. These attorneys have also advocated for their clients during a time of unprecedented disruption due to the COVID-19 pandemic. They have had to navigate new rules from federal and state government and the court system and have had to embrace new ways of practicing law.

As with our previous lists, the Power 20 Litigation list is presented in alphabetical order. And again, rather than tell you about all of these power players’ accomplishments and accolades, we decided to give them a chance to tell you more about themselves through their answers to a few different questions.

I welcome any feedback you have at [email protected].

Ben Jacobs
Associate Publisher and Editor

Power 20 Litigation 2021

William G. Bauer
Woods Oviatt Gilman LLP

H. Todd Bullard
Harris Beach PLLC

Brian Butler
Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC

William D. Christ
Phillips Lytle LLP

Steven Cole
Adams Leclair LLP

Mark Costello
Boylan Code LLP

Louis Cristo
Trevett Cristo

Jon Devendorf
Barclay Damon LLP

Deborah M. Field
Morris & Morris Attorneys

Thomas A. Fink
Davidson Fink LLP

John Gilbert Horn
Harter Secrest & Emery LLP

Stephen J. Jones
Nixon Peabody LLP

Tom Knab
Underberg & Kessler LLP

Langston D. McFadden
Law Offices of Pullano & Farrow

Randolph Oppenheimer
Barclay Damon LLP

Tony R. Sears
Ward Greenberg Heller & Reidy LLP

Erika N.D. Stanat
Harter Secrest & Emery LLP

Jacqueline Thomas
Lacy Katzen LLP

Peter J. Weishaar
McConville Considine Cooman & Morin, PC

Dale A. Worrall
Harris Beach PLLC