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Apr 5, 2019

New Jersey judge may be suspended over questions he asked an alleged rape victim

A New Jersey Superior Court judge could be suspended for three months without pay after asking an alleged sexual assault victim if she tried closing her legs to prevent the attack, according to a court advisory panel. The panel this week released a 45-page recommendation in the case of John Russo Jr., a family court […]

Aug 21, 2017

Judge shot, wounded near Ohio courthouse; suspect killed

An Ohio judge was shot Monday morning outside his courthouse in what authorities called an ambush attack. Police said a man apparently waiting for Judge Joseph Bruzzese, who sits on the Jefferson County Court of Common Pleas, ran up to the judge and began shooting when he approached the courthouse. Bruzzese returned fire, shooting at […]

Oct 3, 2014

Governor waiting to pick judge for top court

ALBANY (AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo says he’s waiting until 14 days after the deadline in the law for nominating his next choice for the state’s highest court. In a radio interview Friday, Cuomo says he’s postponing so the state Senate won’t face a confirmation deadline that falls the day before the Nov. 4 election. […]

Feb 26, 2014

Court rules waiver valid despite judge’s ‘welcome’

A Jefferson County man convicted of attempted murder validly waived his right to be present during certain bench conferences even though he was “welcomed” to attend them and not told he had a right to be there, the Court of Appeals has ruled. The majority found Gunther J. Flinn, 29, formerly of Alexandria Bay, implicitly […]

Feb 20, 2014

Lawyers allowed to question Khalid Sheik Mohammed

NEW YORK — A New York judge says self-proclaimed Sept. 11 mastermind Khalid Sheik Mohammed can be made available to answer written questions from lawyers for Osama bin Laden’s son-in-law. Federal Judge Lewis Kaplan issued an order Wednesday after the government and lawyers for defendant Sulaiman Abu Ghaith agreed Mohammed can answer written questions. Abu […]

Jan 10, 2014

Prosecutors: LI man sought to rub out judge

NEW YORK — Federal prosecutors say a Long Island con man sought to have a hit man decapitate a judge and the prosecutor to avenge his fraud conviction. A Brooklyn jury heard the accusations in opening statements Thursday at the attempted murder trial of Joseph Romano. Romano was sentenced in 2012 to 15 years in […]

Feb 29, 2012

Judge blocks graphic images on cigarette packs

RICHMOND, Va. — A judge has blocked a federal requirement that would have begun forcing U.S. tobacco companies to put large graphic images on their cigarette packages later this year to show the dangers of smoking. U.S. District Judge Richard Leon in Washington ruled Wednesday that the images violate the free speech amendment to the […]

Jan 27, 2012

Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics — Judge — Teacher: Opinion 10-189

NYS Advisory Committee on Judicial Ethics Judge — Teacher Case Discussion Opinion 10-189 Background: The inquiring judge is also a professor of law. He asks whether it is permissible to discuss pending judicial decisions that are relevant to the class topic. Opinion: The committee found that, while a judge may not make public comment about […]

Jan 11, 2012

NY judge drops Binladen Group as 9/11 defendant

NEW YORK — A construction company founded by Osama bin Laden’s father cannot be sued to recover money for survivors of the Sept. 11 attacks, a judge has ruled, because no evidence has emerged to show the company provided a “financial lifeline” to the terrorist leader after he was removed as a shareholder following the […]

Oct 24, 2011

Man wants 88-year-old judge removed from case

NEW YORK — A 60-year-old New York City man suing for age discrimination wants the judge removed from the case because he says he’s too old. Martin Stoner wrote in a judicial complaint that 88-year-old federal Judge Robert Patterson could barely see unless he put his face almost on top of a document.

Aug 4, 2011

Senate recess leaves judicial nominees hanging

It is vacation time for U.S. senators while courts continue to wait for vacancies in the judiciary to be filled. They will continue to wait until sometime after Labor Day when the Senate, which recessed with a lot of unfinished business this week, returns to session.

Jul 7, 2011

Judge has robe stolen while in men’s room

PHILADELPHIA — A sticky-fingered person might be wandering the streets of Philadelphia in a flowing judicial robe. A municipal judge on Wednesday said he had his official garb taken from the robing room at the city courthouse ...

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