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Daily Record editor to lead RBJ as well

Jacobs: Publications will build on strengths with combined staff

The Rochester Business Journal and The Daily Record will strengthen the comprehensive coverage of the western New York business and legal communities that subscribers have come to expect, the papers’ new editor and their publisher say.

“The restructuring will strengthen our operations without impacting our coverage. We remain strongly committed to the Rochester business and legal communities and will continue to provide local, unique and essential content through The Daily Record and the Rochester Business Journal,” said Suzanne Fischer-Huettner, publisher of both publications.

Daily Record and Rochester Business Journal Editor Ben Jacobs

Daily Record and Rochester Business Journal Editor Ben Jacobs

Ben Jacobs, a local veteran journalist who has been the editor of The Daily Record since December, has taken over as editor of Rochester Business Journal as the two publications combine their operations. Both will maintain their unique print and digital editions.

“Ben has over 10 years’ experience as an editor and reporter successfully growing print and digital readers through innovation and strong leadership,” said Fischer-Huettner.

“I am honored to be the lead editorial voice for both the Rochester Business Journal and The Daily Record during this exciting time for BridgeTower Media in Rochester. The RBJ and The Daily Record are both strong products with loyal readers and a long history of excellent coverage,” Jacobs said.

The staff is composed of veteran journalists who are experts in their field.

“Having one staff working as a cohesive unit to produce both publications will allow us to cover Rochester’s business and legal communities with increased flexibility, greater efficiency and a singular vision,” Jacobs said.

The Rochester Business Journal and The Daily Record are part of BridgeTower Media, the B2B media arm of GateHouse Media.

BridgeTower Media is the leading provider of business-to-business information, research and marketing solutions from west to east in cities such as Boise, Phoenix, Oklahoma City, Milwaukee, St. Louis, Baltimore and Rochester, among others.

It represents more than 20 markets and more than 20 different business and legal communities across the country, but it maintains one commitment: to provide essential and local business news, company officials say.

Jacobs said the two print products will maintain their high standards while pursuing advances in digital offerings. There are plans to roll out a new website with expanded digital offerings later this year.

“We will also continue to have a robust schedule of events and special products that business leaders in our community will not want to miss,” he said.

Longtime RBJ managing editor Mike Dickinson is now managing editor for both publications.

“Mike Dickinson has more than 20 years of experience with the RBJ and is a tremendous asset as managing editor. I’m thrilled to have him lend his expertise to the operation of The Daily Record as well. He and I will have a strong partnership in guiding a dedicated staff to deliver high-quality content for two complementary publications,” Jacobs said.

Eight employees were affected by the changes to operations, Fischer-Huettner said.