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The ever-shifting legal landscape of joint employment

Joint Employment has kept labor and employment lawyers busy in recent years. The concept of joint employment means that an employee can be simultaneously, or “jointly,” employed by two or more entities that exercise, or have the right to exercise, ...

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Job market improving for recent graduates


DETROIT — Salaries and employment rates are increasing for recent law school graduates nationally. The National Association for Law Placement released its 2017 employment report Aug. 2. It showed that the overall employment rate for 2017 graduates was 88.6 percent, ...

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Professional service companies face significant cyber risk

Cyber attacks and costly accidental losses of sensitive personal and financial information are no longer confined to retailers like Target and Sony or banks and investment houses like JP Morgan. Professional service companies — accountants, lawyers, financial advisers and insurance ...

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Firms, organizations work to bring diversity to legal profession

Robert L. Grey Jr. isn’t merely musing when he says: “Wouldn’t it be great if the legal profession led the way in creating an inclusive environment for everyone to succeed?” Rather, Grey is voicing the goal he plans to achieve ...

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In year two of Trump, where should your investment dollars go?

After roughly a year into President Trump’s term in office, several key factors in the U.S. economy are pointing to a strong showing, while consumer and business confidence is high. Equities have been on a tear, corporate profits continue to ...

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Does cyber insurance pay off?

The potential growth opportunities for the cybersecurity insurance industry seem to be constantly expanding as major businesses face significant breaches. But while insuring data has never been more important, figuring out how the process actually works and who is protected ...

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Opponents worry about labor protections with current administration

Promising huge corporate tax cuts, President Donald Trump last month visited a Springfield, Missouri, manufacturing company run by a family of Trump campaign donors. The speech about taxes was no surprise to most, but what did catch the eye of ...

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‘The Pence Policy’


RICHMOND, Va. — A politician’s policy of avoiding one-on-one meals with female associates sparked an outcry among many employment lawyers and cultural commentators, but the practice espoused by Vice President Mike Pence may be more widespread than many professionals expected. ...

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Experts: Lawyers can’t dismiss emojis as frivolous clutter

Don’t be surprised if the relevance and meaning of a smiley face emoji becomes the subject of debate in a courtroom near you. Emojis have become the true punctuation marks of today’s electronic communications. And since emojis bear directly on ...

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