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BridgeTower Media Acquires Color Magazine

BOSTON – BridgeTower Media, a leading provider of local and regional business information, events and marketing services, on Monday announced the acquisition of Color Magazine, a premiere publication focused on publishing and events for diverse business professionals. Based in Boston, Color ...

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Preserving Dred Scott’s history

As early as age 4, Lynne Jackson remembers understanding that her great-great-grandparents, Dred and Harriet Scott, were important. She was at a re-enactment of the historic court case, in which the enslaved Scotts sued for their freedom, where her father ...

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Commentary: Explaining litigation through similes

Have you ever tried to explain the civil litigation process to a client through metaphor or simile? In my experience, there are some comparisons that are apt, and some that are not. Litigation is not like poker In Abraham Lincoln’s ...

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Commentary: Spring cleaning for your delinquent clients

Spring is not too far around the corner. And during spring, you can’t escape those killer dust bunnies. They lurk in corners, growing larger and more ominous with time. And eventually, no matter how frightening, you have to deal with ...

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Commentary: The danger of telling an employee ‘I love you’

Of all the heartfelt gestures that can be made on Valentine’s Day — sending roses, a box of chocolates or even just a greeting card — perhaps nothing means more than simply saying “I love you.” But an employer that ...

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Commentary: Embracing failure as an opportunity for improvement

Being a lawyer often involves a fair amount of sales and persuasion. Whether you are delivering an argument or pitching yourself as the lawyer who can deliver for his clients, a common burden for lawyers is the idea that you ...

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Commentary: Networking for extroverts … and introverts

A good network can be powerful and can open doors for lawyers. From securing a new client to securing a new position at a law firm, your network can help. Networking beyond events It’s important to note that networking isn’t ...

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Keyboard for lawyers saves time, irritation

Brian Potts and Chase Means, both co-creators of the Legal Board, foreground, while at the offices of Perkins Coie Tuesday, Jan 24 in Madison.  The two lawyers collaborated with several of their associates to develop the keyboard. (Staff photo by Kevin Harnack)

It all started with the pesky section symbol. About a year ago Brian Potts, a lawyer then working at Foley & Lardner in Madison, Wisconsin, found himself getting frustrated when he would regularly have to pause in the middle of writing ...

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Branding materials can set your practice apart

Maybe because advertising came later to the legal world than it did to most industries, many lawyers have scant understanding of the underlying concepts of branding, or the development of materials that will mark their practices as unique. Branding can ...

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Report: Demand for law firms still stagnant

A decade after the subprime mortgage crisis sent shockwaves across the global economy and upended an unprecedented run of prosperity for the legal profession, many law firms are still struggling to adjust to stagnant demand for their services and the ...

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The initial consultation: A step to successful lawyering

If you want a potential client to hire you, you need to prove that they should trust you with their problem. (Thinkstock)

Your initial consultation with a prospective client is critical. When handled well, you will inspire trust and convert a prospective client into a paying client. When handled poorly, the client will seek the services of one of your competitors. Your ...

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